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Superior infrastructure and extremelly qualified team

In addition to his renowned feedback and specialties, Dr. Daniel Benitti, who is national reference in vascular medicine and endovascular, owns two highly equipped clinics with modern appliances and welcoming environments.

Both clinic’s team don’t lag behind. Formed by competent and qualified professionals who are all prepared to look after the patients with thoughtfulness, since the first appointment, until possible surgeries. Additionally, patients can count on relationship manager’s services, wich facilitates hospitalizations, exams, transportation, accommodations and solve any doubts and needs to make sure the patient’s treatment can be succesful and peaceful.

Clínica em São Paulo

Phone: (11) 3081-6851 | 99939-8847
Rua Oscar Freire, 2250, T9/T10 – São Paulo (SP)

Clínica em Campinas

Phone: (19) 3233-7911
Rua José Paulino, 2233 – Vila Itapura – Campinas (SP)